JOY DIVISION - From Here.... To Eternity




 1 Atrocity exhibition
2 Isolation
3 Passover
4 Colony
5 A means to an end
6 Heart and soul
7 Twenty-for hours
8 The eternal
9 Decades


--Atrocity Exhibition (1)

The silence when doors open wide
Where people could pay to see inside
For entertainment they watch his body twist
Behind his eyes he says I still exist

This is the way, step inside (4)

In arenas he kills for a prize
Wins a minute to add to his life
But the sickness is drowned by cries for more
Pray to God make it quick - watch him fall

This is the way, step inside (4)

You'll see the horrors of a far-away place
Meet the architects of law face to face
See mass murder on a scale you've never seen
And all the ones who tried hard to succeed

This is the way, step inside (4)

And I picked on the whims of a thousand more
Still pursuing the path that's been buried
For years of dead woods and jungles and cities on fire,
Can't replace or relate, can't release or repair -
Take my hand, and I'll show you what was - it will be.


Isolation (2)

Be clear every day, every evening
It calls here aloud from above
Carefully watched for a reason
Mistaking devotion and love
Surrendered to self-preservation
From others who care for themselves
But life as it touches perfection
Appears just like anything else

Isolation (3)

Mother, I tried, please believe me
I'm doing the best that I can
I'm ashamed of the things I've been put through
I'm ashamed of the person I am

Isolation (3)

But if you could just see the beauty
These things I could never describe
Pleasures and wayward distraction
Is this my wonderful prize?

Isolation (5)


Passover (3)

This is the crises I knew had to come
Destroying the balance I'd kept
Doubting and settling and turning around
Wondering what will come next

Is this the role that you wanted to live
I was foolish to ask for so much
Without the protection and infancy's guard
It all falls apart at the first touch

Watching the reel as it comes to a close
Brutally taking its time
People who change for no reason at all
It's happening all of the time

Can I go on with this train of defense
Disturbing and purging my mind
I count up my duties when all's said and done
I know that I'll lose every time

Moving along in our God given ways
Safety is sat by the fire
Sanctuary from these feverish smiles
Left with a mark on the door

Is this the gift that I wanted to give
Forgive and forget's what they teach
I'll pass through the deserts and waste lands once more
And watch as they drop by the beach

This is a crises I knew had to come
Destroying the balance I'd kept
Turning around to the next set of lies
Wondering what will come next


Colony (4)

A cry for help, a hint of anaesthesia
The sound from broken homes we used to meet always here
As he lays asleep she takes him in her arms
Some things I have to do but I don't mean you harm

I wore a careless glance and kissed her last goodbye
Hands in the bag she packed a tear she tries to hide
Cruel wind that howls down to our lunacy
And leaves him standing cold here in this colony

I can't see why all these confrontations
I can't see why all these dislocations
No, family life just makes me feel uneasy
Stood alone here in this colony

In this colony (4)

Yeah, God in his wisdom took you by the hand,
God in his wisdom made you understand (4)

In this colony (4)


A Means to an End (5)

A legacy, so far removed
One day will be improved
Eternal rights beleft behind,
We were the better kind
You this day met free too,

I always looked to you (3)

We fought for good, stood side by side
Our friendship never died
But stranger ways that froze on highs,
our vision touched the skies
Mortal list - the points to prove

I put my trust in you (3)

A house somewhere, on foreign soil
Where aching lovers called
Is this your goal, your final deeds
Where dogs and vultures eat?
Permitted still, I turned to go

I put my trust in you (4)
In you, in you, in you
Put my trust in you, in you


Heart and Soul (6)

Instants that can still betray us
A journey that leads to the sun
Soulless and bent on destruction
Struggle between right and wrong
You take my place in the show-down
I'll observe with a pitiful eye
And humble ask for forgiveness
A request well beyond you and I

Heart and soul, one will burn (2)

An abyss that lasted creation
A circus complete with all fools
Foundations that lasted the ages
Then ripped apart at their roots
Beyond all this good the terror
The grip of a mercenary hand
When savagery returns for good reason
There's no turning back the last stand

Heart and soul, one will burn (2)

Existence-well what does it matter
I exist on the best terms I can
The past is now part of my future
The present is well out of hand (2)
Heart and soul, one will burn (2)
One will burn, one will burn

Heart and Soul, one will burn


Twenty-four Hours (7)

So this is permanence love shattered pride
What once was innocence, turned on its side
A cloud hangs over me, marks every move
Deep in the memory, what once was love

Oh how I've realized, I wanted time
Put into perspective, try so hard to find
Just for one moment I thought I'd got my way
Destiny unfolded watched it slip away

Excessive flash points, beyond all reach
Solitary demands for all I'd like to keep
Let's take a ride out, see what we can find
Valueless collection of hopes and past desires

I never realized the lengths I'd have to go
All the darkest corners of a sense I didn't know
Just for one moment hearing someone call
Looked beyond the day in hand there's nothing there at all

Now that I've realized how it's all gone wrong
Got to find some therapy this treatment takes too long
Deep in the heart of where sympathy held sway
Got to find my destiny before it gets too late


The Eternal (8)

Procession moves on, the shouting is over
Praise to the glory of loved ones now gone
Talking aloud as they sit round their tables
Scattering flowers washed down by the rain

Stood by the gate at the foot of the garden
Watching them pass like clouds in the sky
Try to cry out in the heat of the moment
Possessed by a fury that burns from inside

Cry like a child though these years make me older
With children my time is so wastefully spent
Burden to keep, though their inner communion
Accept like a curse an unlucky deal

Laid by the gate at the foot of the garden
My view stretches out from the fence to the wall
No words could explain, no actions determine
Just watching the trees and the leaves as they fall


--Decades (9)

Here are the young men, a weight on their shoulders
Here are the young men, well where have they been?
We knocked on the doors of hell's darker chambers
Pushed to the limits, we dragged ourselves in

Watched from the wings as the scenes were replaying
We saw ourselves now as we never had seen
Portrayal of the traumas and degeneration
The sorrows we suffered and never were freed

Where have they been (4)

Weary inside, now our hearts lost forever
Can't replace the fear or the thrill of the chase
These rituals showed up the door for our wanderings
Opened and shut, then slammed in our face

Where have they been (4)



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